Signs & Pavement Markings Level I
November 3-4, 2021


General Description:  This two-day seminar will address the basic principles behind sign and pavement marking. Level 1 review material has been derived from the MUTCD. It covers applications of regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, tourist oriented directional signs, markings and markers, traffic control in school areas, bicycle traffic control devices, safety and temporary traffic control, installation of signs and markings, and emergency management signing. The remaining material which will be reviewed in class has been derived from the following publications: FHWA's Standard Highway Signs, FHWA's Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs and Pavement Markings, TRB's NCHRP Synthesis 157 Maintenance Management of Street and Highway Signs, and ITE's Traffic Engineering Handbook. 

Purpose: To encourage individuals to learn the basic principles of sign fabrication, their installation and proper placement of markings for safe traffic movement in urban and rural areas.


Target Audience: This certification program in designed for transportation professionals responsible for the planning, design, layout, installation, and maintenance of traffic signs and roadway markings.


Course Specifics: The course material has largely been derived for the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). You will also review: general principles; regulatory signs; guide signs; pavement markings, object markers, school zones, railroad crossings; and bicycle routes.


Pre-requisite(s): Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control and one (1) year experience working with signs and markings.

Signs & Pavement Markings Level I (11/3 - 11/4)

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