Traffic Signal Inspector

November 1-2, 2021.


General Description: The IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector Level I Certification Program is designed to ensure public safety by helping individuals to understand fundamental concepts associated with the inspection for construction of traffic signal installations.  Traffic Signals are a key element in our transportation system and the proper operation of these signals is of paramount importance in maintaining reasonable levels of mobility.  


Purpose: Knowledgeable traffic signal inspection is required to ensure that proper/specified construction practices are followed during signal installation resulting in signals that operate as intended. Knowledgeable inspection is also a key element in limiting the liability exposure of governmental agencies associated with malfunctioning traffic signals.  


Target Audience: Traffic Signal Inspector Level I Certification is recommended for all individuals involved in the inspection of traffic signal construction.  It is also a valuable course for contractor personnel since it provides an inspector’s viewpoint of traffic signal construction.  


Course Specifics: Topics covered in the Traffic Signal Inspector Level I Certification Course Manual include:
•    Introduction to Traffic Signal Inspector
•    Inspection of Underground Facilities
•    Inspection of Traffic Signal Supports
•    Inspection of Overhead Equipment
•    Inspection of the Vehicular and Pedestrian Detection Systems
•    Inspection of the Controller Assembly
•    Safety Requirements
•    Final Acceptance and Turn-On


Pre-requisite(s): Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control and IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level 1

Traffic Signal Inspector (11/1 and 11/2)

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