Traffic Signal Technician Level I

November 1-2, 2021


General Description: The Traffic Signal Level 1 program is based on the concept of relating fundamentals of traffic signal design; traffic signal installation, maintenance and limited troubleshooting. This is the entry course for Traffic Signal Technicians and discusses the basic procedures of how and why to install signalized intersections. It covers the process of installation required for an entry level student up to a one year technician. The program covers the fundamentals used today and sets the direction the technician may follow in the future.


Purpose: The program is designed to enhance public safety by helping individuals to review fundamental concepts associated with traffic signal design, construction, and operation. Following the course guidelines help promote safe, efficient signalized intersections.

Target Audience:  For individuals responsible for the maintenance, construction, and operations of traffic signals and related equipment. This certification program would also aid those responsible for the planning and design of traffic signals, such as traffic engineers and traffic technicians.


Course Specifics: The program includes an introduction to traffic signals; signal indications and signal-related signing; planning for traffic signals; designing traffic signals; vehicle detection; traffic signal supports; installing traffic signals; construction procedures; installing traffic signals; construction equipment; preventive maintenance, basic signal timing concepts; traffic signal phasing; dealing with the public.


Pre-requisite(s): Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control

Traffic Signal Technician Level I (11/1 and 11/2)

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