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How to Sign up for an IMSA Course

To sign up for an IMSA class, IMSA refresher class, or a CEC technical course, please visit or email our official providers. Our providers are listed below:

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IMSA of Florida - Annual Conference
Daytona Beach - June 3rd to 6th, 2024
All major IMSA courses are available:

Registration here!

About Phase Academy
Provides scheduled in-person and on-line courses:

Safety First Priority (Offering courses in south Florida)
Contact for Schedule:

Ultra Engineering (By request, no scheduled courses)
Offers IMSA and Technical Training Courses (Controllers, Signal Timing, etc)

NTT - National Transportation Tech

Public Works Training Institute (Contact for schedule)

Note for those seeking IMSA Certification:


In November of 2022, the International IMSA office discontinued use of the old certification exams. The NEW courses and exams are now offered in:

1) IMSA Traffic Signal 1

2) IMSA Traffic Signal 2 - Field

3) IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector

4) IMSA Signs and Pavement Markings 1

5) IMSA Roadway Lighting  1

6) Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)

7) Certified Fiber Optic Specialist / Design

The following courses are currently still under development and will be offered again soon:

  • IMSA Traffic Signal 2 - Construction

  • IMSA Traffic Signal 3 - Field

  • IMSA Signs & Pavement Markings 2

  • IMSA Roadway Lighting Level 2

  • Transportation Center System Specialist

In an effort to provide additional sources for Continuing Education Credit (CEC) to renew existing certifications, we have developed and are currently providing the below additional technical sessions:

1) Traffic Signal 101

2) Fiber Optics 101

In addition to these official IMSA of Florida CEC courses, our providers are also able to provide additional technical courses at your request. CECs can also be earned by attending technical sessions in any industry related conference as well as by attending any other technical trainings, such as with a vendor.


Technical trainings do NOT need to be affiliated with IMSA to count toward your CECs!

If you have any questions regarding certification,

please feel free to contact our Certification Chair:

Stacey Mueller @ 813-310-3530

or email the Florida section at

You may also contact the IMSA International Office at 1-800-723-4672

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