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IMSA Florida Course Description

IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I

Target Audience: The certification is geared toward entry-level technicians who have some prior knowledge of electrical technology or training.


General Description: The IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I Certification demonstrates the holder as being knowledgeable about the ideas and terms related to signalized traffic control devices and systems.


Course Specifics: The exam topics covered include - knowledge of basic electrical specifications of cabinet wiring and components; operating principles; the tools, processes, and materials used to build signal systems; the fundamentals of traffic signal operation and upkeep; and legal concerns.


Purpose: With the right supervision and direction, the bearer of this certification is ready to contribute to any traffic signal crew that is working on construction and maintenance.



In Florida – Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control or higher (formerly Maintenance of Traffic); Outside of FL – IMSA Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Certification

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