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IMSA Florida Course Description

Certified Fiber Optic Technician Renewal

Target Audience: Students that have a current CFOT Certification that needs to be renewed.


Course Specifics: This 8hr in-person Technical Session will give you the needed CEUs to renew your FOA/IMSA CFOT Certification.


General Description: This is a hands-on review of the basic principles of handling, splicing, and testing fiber optic cables and systems. Whether you are splicing fiber daily or occasionally testing and managing fiber installations, this technical session will have something for everyone.


Purpose: This session is designed for renewal specifically of the FOA/IMSA CFOT Certification. If you have an older expired “Fiber Optics for ITS Lv1 or Lv2” You will need to take the full 3-day CFOT Course.


Prerequisite(s): Current CFOT Certification

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