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IMSA Florida Course Description

Certified Fiber Optic Technician

Target Audience: The IMSA / FOA CFOT Course is designed for ITS, Transportation and Communication System Technicians that are involved with all aspects of Fiber Optic Systems.


Course Specifics: This 3 day in person Certification Course focuses on the installation, testing and maintenance of both inside and outside plant fiber optics.


Some of the major topics covered are:

  • Introduction to fiber optics

  • How fiber optics is used for communications with an emphasis on metropolitan networks and intelligent highway systems

  • How fiber optic links and networks work

  • Components used in a fiber optic cable plant.

  • Optical fiber types and applications

  • Fiber optic cables

  • Fiber optic splices

  • Fiber optic terminations

  • Cable plant installation hardware

  • Testing fiber optic components and cable plants

  • Installing fiber optic networks



General Description: More than 50% of the class time is devoted to hands on Labs where you will learn to physically handle, splice and test the types of Fiber Optic Cable that you will see and work with every day. The three days of class will prepare the student to take their FOA CFOT Exam. Successful completion of the course work and passing of the final exam will earn the student both an FOA and IMSA Fiber Optics Technician Certifications. 


Prerequisite(s):  All students are required to take an online prerequisite program PRIOR to attending the in-person program. This prerequisite work will go through the terminology and theory that will be reviewed during the in-person Class.

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