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IMSA Florida Course Description

IMSA Traffic Signal Technician II Field

Target Audience: This certification is geared toward signal technicians looking to move up in their field.


General Description: The IMSA Traffic Signal II certification demonstrates the holder’s extensive training in evaluating traffic signal control systems, on-site repairs, and maintenance techniques and tools. It signifies that the holder possesses operational knowledge and hands-on experience that provide a solid foundation in traffic signal technology.


Course Specifics: The exam topics covered include - advanced controller programming, signal maintenance, traffic signal operations and equipment standards, detection, communication installation and troubleshooting, basic networking, document preparation, testing of equipment, and troubleshooting.


Purpose: Whether they work for a private company or a government organization, those who hold the certification are ready to contribute significantly to the upkeep and repair of signalized intersections.



In Florida – Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control or higher (formerly Maintenance of Traffic); Outside of FL – IMSA Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Certification

IMSA Traffic Signal Technician I

Two years of experience in the traffic signal field

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